Our Science Fair and STEM Summer Camps help prepare and inspire the workforce of the future.

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We don’t know what tomorrow’s jobs will be, but we do know that our future depends on a strong workforce, and today’s schools need to prepare students to be part of it.

The Contra Costa Economic Partnership's Workforce Initiative is dedicated to developing and supporting sustained collaboration among business, labor, government, and educators to strengthen the regional economy.



In today's knowledge-based economy, the skills necessary for success in the workplace have converged with those needed for success in college. Completing high school is a critical first step in obtaining these skills. Yet, about one-third of all California high school students today drop out of school. Experts estimate as many as another third receive their diplomas, but are unprepared to succeed in college or the workplace.

A key element for addressing dropout rates and improving schools is a relevant curriculum that encourages students to engage in school. Our schools must be better connected with industry so that all students gain the knowledge and skills critical for success in college and career.



  • Development of a workforce pipeline into the high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers in the East Bay's major industry sectors. These include Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, and Biomedical.

  • High school transformation strategies, including the Linked Learning approach that integrates rigorous academics with career-based learning and real-world experiences. This research-based effort has proven to engage students in school leading to higher rates of graduation, increased enrollment in post-secondary education and training, and more purposeful connections to careers in the regional economy--especially those in STEM.

  • Sustained business engagement in the development of seamless pathways from high school into careers reflected in the regional economy.